Co2 Jet Blaster Info

Cryo Special Effects CO2 Jet Blaster

As we already know, CO2 is irreplaceable in those spectacular and dazzling concerts that make our necks pain with excitement! A CO2 Jet Blaster, also called a Cryo Jet is a cryogenic system that is capable of fog plumes that could be 20 feet or higher. It’s a reliable jet and the process is repeatable. Add a few colors and lights and you have the most happening and rocking evening at town. If you are looking for a rugged device, a brass or stainless steel material will be of good use. To add to the versatility, the Jet system could be used with refrigerated liquid and high pressure CO2 tanks. With the amazing functionality, Cryo Jets are also being used at private parties and smaller equipment could be operated individually. Thus, you may cover yourself in WOW cloud as you are stumping your feet and moving your body to a certain tune!

One may have come across so many names that the CO2 Jet Blaster is being called with. While there are confusions often, we will try to understand the reasons and the nitty gritty of each. Cryo Jets have become the focal point in Nightclubs, DJs and stage performances all over the world to provide the much-desired special effects. We have already come across the name of Cryo Jets but search online and you may come across terms like Handheld Cryo Jet, CO2 Jet, Cryo Cannon etc. there is a sort of difference between them, though they work quite similar.

Widely, CO2 Jet Blasters come in two categories – the mounted and the non mounted ones. The non-mounted ones are essentially also called the handheld units. The handheld Cryo gun is in this category and works more like a fog sprayer. The mounted category comes with many gadgets in the name of Cryo Cannon, Co2 Jet, Cryo Jet or whatever derivative you may call them with. However all these have one thing in common. All of them are irreplaceable entertainment gadgets in modern day clubhouses and stages.

Now let’s go deeper into the five names that sound so much alike. The first product, CO2 Jet (also C02, a zero before the 2) is the most basic form of the equipment idea. It just sprays the fog that is cold and white. This will ensure that you may integrate different colored light and laser beams with the fog and create a dramatic effect. A CO2 Jet Blaster on the other hand is a higher form of the product with a fog blast feature. The dispersed and sudden fog blasts could be used to your advantage in several cases, especially with loud drum beats. I guess you are getting the idea.

The other names like Cryo Jet and Cryo Cannon provide more focus to the word, Cryo which also means “cold”. Thus this could aptly used as handheld guns in smaller halls and generate exciting shivers while you dance. Thus Cryo will be different from CO2 as it will have nothing in particular to deal with Carbon Dioxide. It refers to anything cold.

Now how do you get the most out of your Cryo Cannon? It has nothing to do with the venue size or the location of it. To enjoy those bright fogs, you don’t have to own a Super Club. It can be done right in your living room too! Just be aware that the crazy people are going to break a lot of things! If you are looking to create a small but happening party, handheld Cryo Guns will be a lot of fun! You will be able to spray the fumes over one another and the exchange itself gives the impetus to a happening game play. Low pressure and single nozzles will work just fine.

However if you are an event manager, you would need bigger installation for Black Sabbath to perform at your venue. Normally they would come with their own light and Cryo operator, but you have to get it ready. In this case Cryo Jet Blaster or a CO2 Jet Blaster will be a much-preferred alternative. While CO2 reads itself as an unwanted element in itself, it will be a compulsory integration in any form of entertainment. You may create haunted houses with these celestial fumes!